Complex Numbers/Vectors test…

For friday…
Are we allowed log book? log books? (then i can use both this yrs and last years log book)
are we allowed calculator? Graphics calculator?
and how do i do this…? I feel dumb…
Chapter Review 1
if a = 2i-3j+k
if b = -2i+3j+k
What is the unit vector that is both perpendicular to a and b
the answer is 1/root(13) x (3i+2j) or the anti-parallel of that unit vector
I just have no idea what to do… tried dot product, wierdo vector algebera…

How to work this out?

I decided to start holiday work with spesh i finally got stuck
Q7 from page 66, chapter 2.7
“Given that cis 3θ = (cos3θ – 3 cos θ sin2θ) + i (3 cos2θ sin θ – sin3θ), it follows that cos3θ is equal to:”
the answer is D, which is… 4 cos3
θ – 3 cos θ
how is that the answer? HOW IS THiS demoivre’s theorem? what is this?
enjoy the rest of the short holidays! dipole

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(a(x – 3))2 = cos(πθ)c , etc

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